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The RMIS® Advantage

Across the board, RMIS will meet and exceed your expectations. RMIS has both the experience and technology to deliver a solution that is custom designed. There is no need to settle for a generic solution that may or may not fit your needs.

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RMIS Carrier Directory™

Having trouble finding carriers?

The RMIS Carrier Directory™ is here!

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CRS Plus Logo Automated
Carrier Onboarding

Imagine a custom carrier onboarding website built specifically for your company that provides a quick and efficient way for your carriers to meet all your compliance requirements. RMIS offers brokers and shippers a fully automated registration product.

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Superior Information Technology

Superior Information Technology is the core of what places RMIS above its competition. Solutions based on technology isn't something you need to wish for, it is something that is part of the fabric of each product and how RMIS does business.
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Contact Us

Phone: 800-400-4924

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About us

We work with over 9,000 insurance producers and monitor over 100,000 Certificates of Insurance...

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